Training well requires a mindset of steel, positivity, focus and a little inner fire.

I’ve noticed with clients that when they are not focused they say things like, “I can’t do it, it’s too hard, that’s impossible,” and by the end of the sessions I’ve battled with my positivity to get them to realise it’s all just mental bullshit, that they can do it and that progress is happening moment by moment simply by them improving one little detail each rep or set.

That’s the thing about progress it’s ongoing, and the only constant we do have in life is CHANGE.

One of the ways I get them to get positive is to speak to themselves positively and question their current beliefs, “I can do it, I’m focused, I’m strong, it’s too easy” because getting yourself in the right mind frame is the way forward to getting the intensity of training that you want and getting what you want out of your body and your training.

The more I research the body and the importance of movement, exercise, strength, posture, fitness and nutrition the more I realise just how sacred and important this journey of health is because what I am now realising is that our emotions and motions are related. What I mean is that you can heal your life, your body and your confidence and revolutionise it by doing movements and exercise that change you for the better.

I love training my clients because I love seeing them change for the better. If you have any interest to visit, train or just to say hi, come and visit me over at the studio in Westminster.