There are four types of training I believe in. And feel that people are missing out on… looking at personal trainers and the fitness industry over the last 10 years I have heard so-called strength coaches, personal trainers and studio owners all joining in the chorus that cardio is a waste of time. Instead of the positive,s I have heard a lot of negatives almost to the point that it’s pointless!


Looking at health and athleticism I heavily disagree with this notion. As far as I’m concerned the 4 most important elements of training for optimum health, performance and wellbeing are;

1. Cardio… 45 minutes daily if possible and if not possible at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.. why.. because most champions of any sport have great endurance and have worked on a higher volume of exercises over an extended period of time, from Lennox Lewis and Anthony Joshua in boxing to Jessica Ennis and Paula Radcliffe in running plus many many others… Simply put cardio involving deep breathing and organised repetitive motion is super healthy for the mind, spirit and the mechanics and well being of the body… I particularly like skipping and running as both suit my lifestyle and body.

It really doesn’t matter what you choose but at the end of the day you want to breath deeply through the nose for 30 – 45 minutes a day doing your preferred activity indoors or outdoors, with or without music. It will help eliminate toxins through sweat and allow you to clear your mind

2. Resistance training… simply put… It firms you up and requires you eat great sources of protein to optimise recovery and in turn helps to reduce insulin in the body and unbalanced amounts of sugar in the diet which in turn gives you a slimmer, stronger, leaner and hormonally balanced body. Personally I like a combination of big lifts, bodybuilding movements, calisthenics and bands.

3. Flexibility training and rehab… this means figuring out and working on stretches that give you a limber feeling. A flexible muscle is a limber muscle… stretch and treat your body to recovery through massage and it will help you to train more frequently, harder and longer than those who don’t.

4. Skill set training… what I mean by this is pick an activity or event or sport that you would love to do so that you get to play and learn and mobilise your body. As for me I competed for the UK Karate squad and martial arts is a lifelong passion so a lot of my training is based on improving my martial arts and combat abilities which give me confidence and a sense of well being. Again it doesn’t matter what you pick, whether it’s a ‘Tough Mudder’, ‘MMA’ classes, boxing, dancing or a 5k run. What matters is that it excites you and imbues dogged determination to achieve your goals.

Combining the above elements will help to make your training more focused, purposeful and undertaken with a greater level of enthusiasm to improve your game.