A lot of us do a lot of travelling whether it’s for business or a holiday. Travelling can be uncomfortable, which is why training well for flights is essential.

Sitting down in enclosed positions isn’t great so here are some ideas for things I would do, so my clients’ bodies are prepared and ready to have a charged body, to feel great for the beginning of your trip.

Hill incline for 15 minutes.

In order to get lots of blood flow and a lot of strength from the legs and lower back engaged. After all, there will be a lot of sitting and slouching especially if you are flying somewhere like L.A.

Then, to continue working the lower back and all of the posterior chain, I get them on the hyperextension platform and get them to hold the arms above their head, and look like superman or superwoman.


Hold and lengthen and strengthen the spine for 5 to 10 seconds for 5-7 reps depending on your strength.


The back will now be quite worked sore and firm. So, straight into inchworms feeling the core engage and holding that position for 5 secs each rep.

Over to hex bar deadlifts for a 2 rep max for 4 sets.

Some pull-ups with arms hanging locked between each rep to lengthen the spine out, some push-ups to get the shoulders chest, and core moving, and then 2 leg-rotational Russian twists with the hands glued to the floor.

Followed by a 5-minute stretch to do flexibility on all body parts to decrease soreness and improve a feeling of lightness.

If you need help with training before your flights, contact me for a free consultation and I will guide you through it!


Happy training and happy flying,

Adam White