Train with a plan, with a goal and focus using drills.

Have a 400 metre track to go to, have some friends do a lap and time them, have a friendly or competitive competition going on (depending on how serious, playful or committed you are).

Get accountability, tell yourself or your friends your going to a 1000 skips every three days alternating from your weight lifting or conditioning days.

The point I’m making is set yourself targets for yourself, with your trainer or with friends who will hold you to them. I have clients targeting to be able to do 10 pullups when they are 50 years old and never could do them even when they were younger. I have men and women doing half marathons because their law firms set it up for a charity run, and so all of these targets are great ways to get into shape and embrace it as part of your lifestyle.

When you have clear goals set for you either by you or with someone else, or others, it holds you accountable and it leads you purposefully into a more inspired state of reaching that.