Training with a purpose, ultimately training is to make us feel good, otherwise whats the point??

there are two massive influences in the human psyche, one is beauty the other is power, which explains why we have a desire to look good and the desire to be strong, one is a physical nature and the other is a spiritual one, which is why training well can help you look good and also feel good

if we break exercise down to beauty its all the mirror muscles you would like to improve, tone firm and strengthen and the power muscles are our foundations and involve the feet firmly planting into the floor, the back and the glutes working very hard.

mirror muscle exercises would be bench press, tricep extensions, bicep curls, leg extensions, sit ups

power muscle exercise would be the back squat, overhead squats, bent over rows

personally I’m a believer in balance and having it all, so i would combine boths to get the results i want, but there are other factors of beauty and power that may affect how you train, so from a perspective of beauty, genetically you may store more fat, more easily in some areas due to dietary sensitivity, as in respond badly to certain foods, or weaker in certain areas so softer, from a power perspective you may be weaker, imbalanced or injured in a certain area so may have to change your strategy and balance to address this, the point is think about your training and what you want to get out of it to get to where you want to go

healthy training and see you soon