GREAT health starts from the spine and a lot of people do forward and backward motions of the spine whilst very little rotational work which is extremely important for having a healthy and dynamic back as well as being clear-headed and full of vitality.


So some great moves to do are rotational twists to stretch as well as core movements that involve twisting to strengthen the core and also boxing and martial arts to use the power of twisting and great movement.

So if you are doing powerlifting or bodybuilding and fitness modelling for strength and shape use the power of rotation for long-term training without balance and injury. Getting results with an injury is never as strong as a well balanced and actually strong person without an injury. And this will explain why American football and rugby players are among the best athletes in the world just from the sheer rotation of the body. For those of you that want to be healthy and strong, you’ll have more mobility and health and strength.

So do add Russian twists. Rotational stretches and martial arts or boxing on a punchbag, with someone or at a class.