We all have different morphology and anatomy. Different limb lengths and abilities. This mean we all have a unique code of exercises which fit best for training.

Personal training is about you being helped to discover your code of exercises and responses to exercises, new habits and better approaches to your nutrition and lifestyle.

You want to get in shape without the fear of hurting yourself (as a lot of clients do!).

Some people live to eat and some people do not have a passion to train. And it’s there where we take the guess work out of what works for you with clarity.

You have to decide that your body is important to you that no matter what. You will figure how to overcome any pains and get the training and the specialists to help you. No one can get you fit but you can decide enough is enough and it’s time to get fit and with the help of someone you trust to help you with this you will get there.


You have to decide that you want to feel comfortable in your own skin. Maybe starting with your body could be a good start. Perhaps socialising would be another. But socialising with great posture and a great shape can boost your confidence and ooze into other parts of your life.

Does your confidence change when your shape changes? I would put my bets on it that it does.

Ask yourself now,

how would your life be if you felt in shape and confident now?

Understanding  your body is key. It will give you confidence in not only your own body but also how you feel about your life and also handling challenges in life.

If you take the time to understand your body you will feel better rapidly. Of course this has to be a lifetime consistency.

Understanding your body and shaping it. Overcoming it’s challenges will help you also to be resourceful emotionally. Training with understanding gives you a feeling if calm strength which is hard to find anywhere else.