I have a  few clients who come to me with hunched shoulders  and my approach has changed over the years.

Not from a knowledge perspective but from an emphasis perspective of what helps them.  The focus is on working on the movement of their feet.

A lot of corrective work Stems from the feet abd I like to develop people’s leg muscles from the development of their feet with a stationary bike pushing down and up from the centre of the foot so that you are pumping the bike pedal from the heel and not the toe so you encourage the pushing from and pulling of the foot differently. It only need be done for 5 minutes for activation on a high resistance and then for ankle mobility encouragement I like people to do hill walks where the foot placement has the heels planted downwards and the toes pointing upwards.

Then to lengthen the spine and retract the scapula I like my clients to do pull ups but sparingly as they can actually impact the shoulder and stress them out.

The next exercise I pick is prone row using dumbbells are really getting those elbows past the torso so to get the scapula and all the back muscles surrounding it to strenghten the upper back muscles opening up the chest and pulling the shoulder blades back.


The other exercise I didnt particularly pick In the past is the dumbbell bench press which is also important because it gets if you keep your neck on the bench the neck and chin pulled in and that helps with the thoracic spine or upper back enabling you again to pull your shoulder blades back more so everything from the foot up and from the neck down will help with posture.