Try it at home or on holiday, pick an exercise and pick a part of the day even outside of your routine workout and do 100 reps of any bodyweight exercise you like most. I think this is an excellent concept for the body and the mind too.

It’s great for the mind because you can really perfect the body and the technique, you will pump loads of blood into specific body parts, at the same time the mind is focusing and zoning in to one motion which allows mental focus and mastery.

Also if you don’t like to think too much about health as it may not be your highest value and you just want to get a quick workout in and get that feel good factor this is a great way to start, just make sure you care about your technique as this is your health we are talking about so do it right or see a personal trainer.

There are so many bodyweight exercises you can do from chin ups, to push ups, to squats, to helicopters, to back raises. If you’re super fit, jump squats, even wide grip assisted pull ups if your that strong, or you can get someone to assist you with them, sit ups if you want to get the abs.

Here are some exercises you can consider trying for 100 reps:

Push ups, narrow push ups, wide push ups, one arm push ups, clapping push ups, incline push ups, sit ups, twisting sit ups, v sit ups, hammer sit ups, weighted sit ups pick something up and raise it overhead while sitting up.

There are so many options to try, give it a go!