We all know what we should be eating but DOING IT and sticking to it is a different matter altogether.

I’ve been “ripped” since the age of 13. I’ve always had visible abs because I’ve always exercised and always will but every now and then my nutrition starts to slip and my abs begins to disappear which is always a warning for me to hone in on my nutrition.

I also hadn’t seem my Mum in a while and she had noticed that I wasn’t looking as toned as usual. People you haven’t seen in a while can often be be a great gauge of your health but often they won’t tell you when you look bad, only when you lost weight so it’s always good to have someone who will give you honest feedback. Thanks Mum!

I’m not preaching to you that having abs is a must, but I am saying that you have to have something that is a non-negotiable when it comes to your health whether that’s having abs or feeling comfortable on the beach in swimwear. These kind of emotional cues are excellent for keeping you in good health and maintaining your confidence.