My client is in Hong Kong and we do a video call and today we are fortunate enough to go into what I call the kung fu Park where I imagine my hero Bruce Lee to have gone to.

And all the guys that go are there are fit and lean and ripped with no waste from young to old- to me this Is real health, this place had pull ups bars and space by trees. It’s awesome.

So what I get my client doing is 20 minutes of skipping to get him energised and to get his feet moving and him also feeling fit.

We did set after set of fist pushup ups which are push ups using his fists as in the past he’s had wrist issues so this a great way to strengthen his chest and shoulders and core and wrist at the same time.

After that to increase testosterone or to optimise it and give him a balanced body we do squat holds where his heel press into the ground and he uses his glutes and spine while holding his arms up in line to his shoulders. This is great for a strong spine and posture as well as engaging all the muscles to support all the joints, ligaments, tendons and bones in a way that the body is built and held correctly.

I ended the session with him this morning doing pull ups as he wants to build his strength and muscle and also this helps him to develop grip strength which I believe increases longevity and what I call real strength. I have some clients who think when they are abroad that it’s pointless training with me online and so wait until they come back to visit me in person in my gym when they next come back.


To me consistency and proper training is key. Keep these up and you’ll be fit for life. My argument to another client is why wait until you get back to London to train with me because a lot of my high flying clients people who are lawyers and in finance think they will get round to it yet end up suffering physically or emotionally.


My clients that get it right stay fit year round do better in life with personal and professional lives I’ve seen It year by year for over twenty years and those that don’t come back to me in regret wishing they had more balance. Its not about the training its about helping people with their lives as we talk about what’s going on with them from family and personal life all the way to the way they treat themselves.