In this video, Adam explains why he used volume training with his clients for both fat loss and muscle gain.

A lot of people get confused by the reasons for using heavyweights or lightweights and by the amount of reps exercise.

There’s endurance hypertrophy and there’s strength.

They all have different purpose and they all have great health benefits and they affect the body and brain differently.

Power and strength is great for athleticism core strength and the health of the nervous system as well as upping testosterone and even though it doesn’t build size it can help you build size.

So how does this benefit? Well for women who want to be strong yet slim and have great posture few reps with heavyweights will do that counter to myths and beliefs associates with heavyweights. If you don’t believe me Youtube “female Olympic lifters” who weigh 50kg they are astronomically strong and very petit. For a guy who wants build size, higher reps help you build or shape muscles.

So depending on your goals or the results your getting you can use one or either or both to get you the results you want by testing them out and seeing how they make your body respond.

Personally I like being strong lean and building muscle and I like staying somewhere in the middle, so the solution for me is to adopt both methods.