weak point training is a really important concept and something I’ve read arnold schwarznegger and other bodybuilders and fitness models i know from both sexes mention, its really important and sometimes i simply write the same article from a different angle as this is such an important subject you want to pick it apart and look at it from as many perspectives as possible

weak point training could revolutionise your health your strength and your results even your posture and your life in a far more beneficial way than you could imagine, because the thing that is weak is probably the part your not working on or have not even observed or may not even be aware of

funny enough from todays clients the weak point training usually gravitates from the mid back and the lower back as well as the legs usually due to inactive glutes. this usually applies to office workers and not professional athletes as athletes usually get taught to engage the glutes and spine

so a typical client does work in the office and usually isn’t a professional athlete, a waiter, actor or supermodel, why do i pick these categories because they’re lifestyles do not gravitate or are not based on a profession which is seated for many hours

ill just use examples of my two clients this morning and go through some exercise which really help they’re lifestyles and spines and minds

back squats focusing on going slowly on the way down and then pausing at the bottom, lifting the chest up and holding it up there and pausing at the bottom of a deep squat for 2 seconds and then standing up completely tall.
sumo squats, again with a paused rep at the bottom to engage the glutes and back at the bottom section and of course keep that chest lifted, the other thing that will help you keep your chest lifted is to make sure your wrists are firm when placed under the bar

then deep lunges where you place the knee gently on the floor after lunging and then lean back, pause and then stand up
hex bar deadlifts of course, as this is great for engaging the spine and then on the stand up pause and hold so you can use the weight to stretch your entire spine

these were to develop one of my clients who’s legs don’t grow as quickly as the arms tone, so after a weak point exercise or body part i usually encourage myself or a client with a strong part of the body or exercise to keep myself or my client inspires, kind of like rewarding the body for its hard work and showing that your getting your weak parts and your strong parts stronger and improved

another clients covers miles and miles of endurance work on the road running, cycling and swimming, funny enough the core is weak and the glutes do not activate

so for this client
we did

scapula retractions
straight arm pull downs. pulling the shoulder blades back, arms locked straight, chest lifted and engaged while pulling down with completely straight arms, which means the elbows are completely locked out
paused and weighted hyperextensions at an angle to keep the mid back and lower back working
weighted bridges off of two benches, fantastic for posture and holding yourself tall, a great exercised for leaders, actors, supermodels, people who need wow factor presence when they walk into a room

so try these out or come over to sw1 so i can help you out myself