You may get a pain in your neck and also shoulder area and have not been able to fix it, this may not be an article on fixing it necessarily but on managing and certainly bettering and avoiding shoulder and neck pain getting worse.

Doing nothing it th worst option as the shoulder and neck and posture will get weaker as you go on and get older or as years pass without you conditioning your body.


So here are some tips so far to better and manage your shoulders to a healthier, more strong, muscular and mobile you.

Step one get on a stationary bike. Or on a hill walk or hill jog or hill run as either of these will move your feet in a different position and help you correct your feet and also ankle mobility and stability which is where a lot of people’s postural issues can originate from. So as little as 5 minutes to as much as 20 minutes depending on what your programme is.

The other thing for strong shoulders and necks are shoulder dumbbell presses and inclines presses which will also enable you to flatten your neck and stretch it or strenghten well if you tuck your chin back. Imagine a turtle sticking it’s neck out, this is what not to do. The opposite the turtle does is retract its neck back. This is what we want you to do.

The other thing for strong shoulders we want you to do is either do neutral hammer pull ups or assisted wide grip pull ups or bicep reverse or hammer neutral pull downs. You must find what works right for your body and shoulder without hurting you as it changes depending on your height, limb lengths and injuries. Here’s where you either see me or really tune in and feel your body, tune it and feel is it uncomfortable in a challenging progressive way or a really awkward sharp, painful and aggravating way. Also note the following day how you feel.

Also add shoulder dislocated and reverse shoulder dislocates using your bodyweight and activation. The thing I see clients doing poorly commonly is sloppily getting floppy In the arm at the bottom range or disengaging the triceps which allow a slight bend in the elbow which we don’t want.