A problem you may have as a lady is not knowing what exercises work best for you and how to shape up.

You may be too critical of yourself and so don’t enjoy training on your own. You might find training horrible and something you don’t enjoy.

Some solutions I’ve had with my female clients is making them feel good about themselves first. Step 1 find something that makes you feel good that’s active. You want to create consistent habits and passion and this can be with me a pt or with yourself or anyway you want to do but you must find that it that does it for you.


Maybe starting with pt is the boost you need or maybe you find and triathlon or dance event to enter where your performance is important.

As I’m a pt lets stick to the gym route and pt route of doing this.

If you don’t like working out on your own and you want to get summer fitness shape for the beach with me what I advise as my expertise is do pt sessions. Get that kick-start get the training on your legs and your core and arms going those areas where you hold excess fat and floppy parts where really you want to feel better about yourself look firmer and feel deliciously stronger inside and out.

Doing squat holds, dumbbell squats and Squat jumps with and without dumbbells. Doing leg curls and single leg deadlifts and leg raises and back extensions and rear leg raises, and Kettlebell swings to get those legs working. For the abs doing crunches and planks and having your form corrected so it works your core abd doesn’t mess up your back.


For the arms doing curls and skullcrusher to get those arms working and doing it proportionately so that you get the quantity, quality size and shape you want in the way you want it so that you look your best you not someone’s else’s.