I find that the most effective workouts are often the simplest, such as 4 movements or exercises done repetitively and then more intensely as you progress.

The reason this method is so effective is because doing fewer exercises enables you to master those movements, so that you can be more effective at performing them and therefore progressing in them.

Increasing intensity also makes you productive, so instead of taking a long time trying to teach yourself a new technique, you enhance and better the technique of the given exercise.

So, here’s what I gave a client this morning and his body got worked hard…

Start with a five-minute warm up, jogging up a hill or a high incline. Once that’s been worked, introduce a faster speed and a higher incline for less time e.g. 2 minutes.

Then keep doing that, whilst increasing speed and hill height until you have found the maximum performance you can run at for 45 seconds. That’s your first exercise complete.

Then move onto raising your knees up higher than hip height and moving your arms in sync with your legs, just as a sprinter would do in a bounding or sprint drill.

After doing 4 of these drop down into a sprawl, which should look like a cobra in yoga. Google search sprawl if you haven’t seen it one before. From there, jump back up and repeat – that’s one rep. Do 10 of these.

For the next exercise, do pull ups or assisted pull ups for 10 reps or your 10 rep max if using assistance.

After this is planks: push yourself into a push up hold position and then back down into a plank.  Make sure you change the first hand you decide to push up with after each rep so you alternate arms and work them evenly. Do 10 of these.

Continue doing all 4 of these exercises, with progressions if you can, and with minimal rest.

This is gruesome and will get you fit. It will help you lose weight and fat, but it is not for the faint hearted.

For the final step, do my 5 favourite stretches after a workout. Read my other blogs on stretches, as this covers what to do!