Do what you love and love what you.

Workout what it is you want from life, is it money, love, health, a great body, an awesome social group, whatever it is it needs work and time and energy and money and effort.

For me, I love being in shape so I have spent a majority of my life, studies, money, time and efforts predominantly in health and in shape.

I’ve spent fortunes doing what I love, from magazines to courses, to personal training sessions, to private sessions with yogis, martial artists, chiropractors and absolutely anything you could possibly thin of related tok health and fitness simply because I love the subject, but my belief is if you love something enough and you recognise it as your strength or that you want it to be your strength, study it, experience it, understand it, get qualified, constantly learn.

It only takes one great idea to revolutionise your life, whether to you that’s in relationships, health, muscle building, whatever the hell it is, but another word of advice is to give yourself permission to pursue that, we are coming in to the New Year so it’s a good time to reflect on your year and ask yourself what this year you really appreciated, what did you love? What mistakes did you make that you would like to change going forward?

When you figure it out, take action, and take action everyday until you get what you want.