First of all, my first real life hero that inspired me on my fitness journey was Bruce Lee the revolutionary martial artist who gave birth to MMA. Then there was George St Pierre and now theres Connor McGregor. In my studio we have a bunch of trainers who compete in UFC, Bellator, Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Karate and Krav Maga!

All these fighting disciplines are incredible and require infinite intricacies and skill levels. The thing that fascinates me is the conditioning you have to go through to get the edge and that competitive advantage and gift.

Don’t forget ultimately MMA covers multiple discipline at once for example Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. The coordination, the footwork, the speed, the power, the timing and the reflexes are unparalleled.

I may be biased because fighting and gymnastics are my currently loved skillsets but to me they are the ultimate athletes. The conditioning. The bravery, the frustration and the heart that goes into it are incredible. On top of all of that they have to cut weight for their fight which can be extremely difficult and requires high levels of metal and physical discipline.

Let’s now look at the rewards. PRIDE. FITNESS. COURAGE. DETERMINATION. FULFILMENT and ACHIEVEMENT. Personally I love the conditioning and I think you will find it awesome too. So come over and I’ll get you a UFC or Martial Arts coach to start you off on one on one training. You will love it plus getting punched in the face isn’t a requirement to take part!