I’ve seen articles on magazines such as Mens Health saying that certain tasks are ‘fitness’, but when looking at the whole article I don’t think any one person could do all of them during a normal workout, unless perhaps they only trained on those exercises. In fact, a host of athletes couldn’t even necessarily do all of those tasks, and then they are written by different scientist proving different hypotheses.

To me, fitness isn’t how much you lift or how far you run, but the ability to move your body doing different tasks for high reps and very little rest e.g. a maximum of 30 seconds.

Fitness or getting fit would be you doing push ups for 30 seconds without stopping, then pull ups, then squats, then lunges, followed by a short sprint, sit ups and back extensions.

Therefore, I would show a whole-body circuit with perfect form, where each rep looks exactly like the first one, with very minimal rest between each exercise. 

That is fitness in my eyes, and again it’s very hard to measure how fit someone is by how far they run or how fast. Rather, it is the ability to endure and keep moving under resistance, strength with very little rest, and strong form throughout.