Going on holiday and travelling gives you time to relax but most importantly… To think. While I was in Barcelona, I realised that guys in their 50’s and 60’s who looked to bulky from weight lifting and muscle building didn’t have healthy guts, they seemed large and bloated, and skinny less muscled guys seemed to have really poor postures, weak spines but a better core.

My philosophy in life nowadays is mentally always about duality, taking the middle road, looking at two sides to the story.

Today getting back from a plane journey and a holiday of sit ups and push ups my body felt all out of function and the first things I wanted to do to reset my spine from all that time sat on the plane with hex bar deadlifts and prone rows. These are awesome moves for the spine, I followed this up with a short run and some stretches.

It’s amazing how movement can reset your body and mind. Now back to work.