I’ve been noticing what works for the hardest of fitness fans to get in shape and essentially it comes back to very simple rules that people don’t do and probably end up overworking.

ACTION 1: Weigh yourself daily and be held accountable!

Send it to your pt, your gym buddy or partner. Have that person holding you accountable for your results and if you don’t have someone get someone

ACTION 2 : Set your calories and stick to them.

I’ve been helping men and women ages 50 to 60 to lose weight and shape up safely into a healthier body and one thing I noticed is a lot of people blame the metabolism of their bodies but not themselves or their accountability to sticking to their calories. You could be 50, 60 even 70 but guaranteed if you are eating fewer calories than you are burning you will shape up. Men and women can do it at any age.

Action 3: Plan your success.

I also see a lot of clients succeed in losing weight and shaping up but one mistake I see often is that they are not focusing on what causes the success eg they enjoy success and then get turned off by plateaus and see it as a failure rather than learning when they are successful what is working. Eg on your fitness journey you must work out what foods create allergic reactions. Which ones help you get leaner and which give you energy. Which ones make you puffy and this is learning from all success and all mistakes.

For example, if you don’t know a definite diet that gets you in shape from hour to hour and day to day with the ability to have a little social life and the odd cheat foods you have not achieved this step with me. Your trainer or yourself.

And this also applies to exercise that damage you or enhance you. Shape you up or don’t really do anything for you. Know your exact success and what foods what diet what exercise what actions brings you results.

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