Yes it’s great to have 7% or 10% bodyfat looking or being an athlete or very ripped but is that necessary and what we all truly want.


I’ll be honest with you I have a 6 pack most of my life sometimes I have a 4 pack.  I’ve never been fat. I have always lived life, I’ve always partied and I’ve always abstained from partying when need be.


It’s really all about the balance and learning about who you are. I like to mix things up. When I’m away or somewhere else or not at my gym and another gym I like trying to stick to my programme but using slight alternatives to create change.

For me the one constant I do have 6 pack or no 6 pack is training. I love training. It keeps me well, alive and healthy.


Because I have a fitness lifestyle I stay pretty healthy most of the time with as much sleep and meditation as I can get and as healthy as I can be for as long as I can be.

What I’m saying really is work out what works our for you with knowing how to train properly so that you don’t hurt yourself and can enjoy it rather than dread it so that you don’t suffer in long term from either damaging yourself from poor training technique or from damaging yourself from being inactive messing your internal health up and your external health like your bones and body.


Alternatively see me for training and feel great afterwards. Be confident that you are getting stronger and leaner in a safe and beautiful way. Enjoy the fact that you will make yourself look younger abs better and also feel that way as well as proud, confident and fantastic.


Plus you’ll have less health issues and less damage to your body thanks to great and proper techniques that actually make your lifestyle better. Merely for training 3 to 7 times a week depending on how into or how not into training you are. Call me on 07545 560 178 and look forward to seeing you in person once we have scheduled in a session and booked your sessions in.