Sarah and I thought we would give cereal and cereal bars a mention. We all love watching those ads with slim models looking good, smiling away, munching on a cereal bar or a bowl of cereal with that oh-so-perfect physique.

Newsflash! From my experience I have never been able to give my clients perfect results with starchy and/or sugary cereal bars and snacks.

Sarah was kind enough to gather a few facts for me on a few products that will not help you get the shape of your dreams. Let’s go through a few things identified.

1) Fat free or low fat products are full of sugars, sweeteners and chemicals

2) They promote added fibre but most of this fibre due to the processing involved is refined.

3) Having sugar in the morning as the first taste you wake up to encourages you to eat more sugar throughout  the day and is also a very poor source of long term energy.

I totally agree with Sarah on these as sugars, sweeteners and chemicals build up toxins and tax the liver which is your fat burning organ. In essence this means you will burn fat and toxins at a much slower rate.

In terms of fat loss for clients I am always encouraging people to go for a high protein and high natural fat meal to allow your hormones to run optimally, to give you a strong and long energy for the day and also to give you a feeling of being full and satisfied. Lastly it encourages you to make better food choices which are not sugary.

Hope that helps guys, enjoy your next healthy shopping trip and abstain from those nasty cereals.

All the best

Adam and Sarah