Is there even a best time in the day to work out?

The right question is not if there is a best time in the day to work out. The right question is how bad you want it to be able to make it part of your lifestyle.

There are two answers to that question everyone wants to know.

1. The best time in the day to work out is any time that suits your lifestyle. If you plan it accordingly, not only it will suit your lifestyle, but also your mood, energy, and personal way of handling situations.

It will teach you discipline. 

Since you will be the one arranging your own schedule, you won’t have much of an excuse for not doing it. Stick to it, do it no matter how hard your day was, if anything, that will definitely cheer you up.

2. My personal opinion is that should try doing your workout first thing in the morning, or the earliest you can possibly do (if it works according to your lifestyle of course). The testosterone levels in both men and women are at their highest in the morning. Also, mentally doing your workout first thing in the morning sets it as a priority which is your well-being.

It will teach you the right mentality.

That way, you will realise that the first person who takes good care of you, is you.

A healthy you is a productive you. Whether you are a parent, a student, a CEO, or a leader, it sets you up perfectly for your day. You see the best version of yourself and the highest amount of productivity, due to great exercises which will stimulate your nervous system, relax your mind through increased blood flow and activated muscles.
You learn at your best and absorb information best when your body is activated as well as your mind. That is why Buddhist monks in China learned kung fu, known as Shaolin Kung Fu to improve their meditation since the physical stimulation improved their mental and spiritual activity.

There are a whole lot of areas of improvement that exercise can bring into your life. I can tell you by experience that it will definitely flourish in your life on many different levels, and it will definitely teach you something.

All of my clients have experienced the same, which always made me very happy to witness. My biggest satisfaction as a personal trainer is to see my clients get to improve their way of living and discover a new chapter in their life.
Make that change now, get in touch and let us talk this through, according to your lifestyle and personal preferences.


Happy Training,
Adam White