olympic lifting is sheer power when practiced in the 1-5 rep range, and to recover doing more than 1 rep requires superman explosively, sheer speed and force and so converts into martial arts, and sports, or any lifestyle movements that require speed, flexibility, standing tall and strong or moving powerfully.

when done correctly its great for developing the strength of the lower back and so is a great thing to develop for longevity and health as research has shown olympic lifters do not experience lower back pain as they get older, yet a hell of a lot of other sedentary and even active people have all types of pain management for the lower back

crossfitters, olympic lifters and athletes in the olympics, rugby players, mixed martial artists all use these skills to enhance their skills because of the sheer power, speed, flexibility and whole body holistic nature of these lifts.

the benefit however comes when these lifts are executed properly, and accurately,

people who love crossfit should really get into really really learning and focusing on their olympic lift skills before getting into the olympic lifting as its way to easy to injure yourself or learn poor technique in volume.

before doing 1 rep there should be a learning stage of working on applicable mobility for the olympic lifts and then doing higher rep events

olympic lifts is also for fitness enthusiasts who simply like the movements, i mean to be honest just doing them for fun feels amazing as it boosts testosterone levels, feel good factor and improves any sporting performance you need

the two major olympic lifts are the snatch and the clean and jerk, personally I’m in love with the snatch, no pun intended, it is one movement and almost works every body in the muscle in a second, incredible

so if your in sw1 or visiting sw1 and want to do some personal training to develop your lifting skills feel free to join up for some coaching sessions with me or selected trainers i would recommend, we have the best trainers over this way and are close to victoria, st james park, belgravia, westminster and mayfair.

see you soon