i have a client who is losing weight and is also losing his waist, thats his focus, running is something we tried, it seemed to give his heels issues, ab work was doing his lower back in so i had to develop his lower back muscles to alleviate pain, strengthen his back and give him a strong enough platform to allow us to build his abs or his stomach muscles. he works in the office has long hours as he owns his own company so even though we work his upper back its weak because he is usually hunched and not engaging much of his upper back muscles at all.

so whats a great exercise for someone who wants to lose weight, lose their waist, strengthen their legs, joints and ligaments and speed up their metabolism so they can see their abs sooner and build their back, posture and lower back muscles?

the back squat, its an incredible exercise, it boosts testosterone, its great for the butt, its great for sports, its great for heel action of pressing it into the ground and therefore allowing you to walk powerfully and knowing how to move your feet properly because it teaches you to engage everything from the foot up

with proper technique of the upper body including the chest, the upper back, the hand position, the elbow position and the grip you will improve your posture,

so really whats the best way to help someone lose weight?

coach them on eating, emotional eating, check up on them, hold them accountable, and improve their squat and deadlift form and drill the hell out of them on these two moves, and they will get results