Ive been looking at Instagram a lot recently and i like the way female fitness is displayed from women who want to be slim to women who want to be bikini fitness models as they seem to stay between athletic healthy and slim, whilst cross fit women and bodybuilders who are women seem a little extreme and I’m not sure that health and strength is the predominant target. THEN with the men cross fitters seem to be well developed and athletic ( without looking at their technique) and people who do olympic lifts, athletic and strength trainers all seem functional and well rounded. However to me the bodybuilders and fitness models don’t seem so well rounded. TO be honest my favourite bodybuilders are from the classical golden era and I would say my favourites are Steve Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger and THE Rock, I REALIZE  all three of these guys are actors as well as bodybuilders but what they all also have in common is that they are not shy of the big lifts from olympic lifts, to power lifting and athletics. They are all athletic, they are all functional, they have athleticism and agility otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do all of those stunts.

I mean to me cross fit isn’t about having a cross section of fitness, the concept is great but I’m not sure about the execution. I prefer a real style of a cross section of fitness, looking at rehabilitation, what needs balancing, yoga movements that work to improve flexibility where its required for the individual, olympic lifts if they are appropriate, bodybuilding techniques where perhaps strength, tone, and or endurance doesn’t exist. martial arts for the fun of it and for the dynamic nature of it, sprints and jumps, power lifts for solidity and great posture.


THERES SO MUCH OUT there, and yes i agree that you can’t do it all but i still feel strength and athleticism come first, with functionality and then vanity comes after, what do you ladies and gentleman think?