Balance in our life is the most important thing we need to work on. So why do balance exercises? Does it actually help and if yes, why?

Balance Exercises using the hand/hands or foot/feet is absolutely essential for;

  1. The health of the general body and its balance and organisation of muscles and its symmetry. 
  2. For the coordination of the brain with the body, enhancing brain power, mental and physical productivity.
  3. For rehabilitation of injuries as well as giving the ability to have a longer career in longevity, activity, or sports.


The main areas or problem areas people will experience injuries after many sporting injuries, fitness injuries, or simply training. Even life itself will come from the knees, the hips and the shoulders.

Hand balancing, for example using one or two hands to push, or to pull in situations that may be unstable, are of huge benefit to those wanting to be stronger, fitter, smarter.

The other great motion is doing many ranges of foot balancing, which will give you healthy knees and hips from strong healthy and flexible musculature from doing leg exercises requiring proprioception.

The other reason hand and foot balancing exercises stop you from ever getting injured, is due to the exercises being chaotic, unbalanced and its in the act of balancing, where you are able to create order or to organise your body to create stability when you create unstable challenges.

So an example would be falling, dropping or tripping over. Whereas for the average person this could cause many injuries. A person doing these chaotic exercises would find it much easier to get back into balance safely and appropriately.

If you have any questions or need help with your balance exercises or in general, contact me for a free consultation!

I hope this helps, happy training to you all!

Adam White