Weight lifting is fantastic when it’s executed and utilised properly. The problem is that many personal trainers are too focused on weightlifting and not focused enough on movement and athleticism.

I’ve taken a journey in to the study of tai chi chuan, Thai boxing and sprinting, and the difference is all in the footwork. You need incredible and dynamic mobility of the feet and hips in many ranges and movements for these practices.

Weight lifting is very frontal and focuses on the up and down motion of the spine, or flexion and extension. In contrast, look at Thai boxing. There’s twisting and lateral movement and even diagonal motion, and in sprinting its explosive with twisting and hip action.

Weights tend to focus on gripping onto the floor which is great for training you in strength, grip, contraction and heel and foot placement. However, I refuse to believe that lifting alone is a holistic balance and way to train. Training inspires me, it’s my passion and although I have a deep love for lifting, I firmly believe you have to explore motion and that health and longevity isn’t about being the strongest but about a balance of being the best you can be in multi-dimensional planes and not just in one dimension.

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