A personal trainer’s life can be frustrating. We are expected to be superhuman. Ripped. Strong and easy targets for body shaming.

I own a gym in westminster. It’s named after me and called Adam White Personal Training Studios. There was a trainer at my gym who had a client and this client said I looked fat for a PT.

I looked at my client and felt awkward. The feeling of all eyes on me was awkard. The gym owner and a great trainer based in london is well kind of out of shape. The feeling of being a fraud. After all I am meant to be ripped according to one of my trainer’s clients.

The upsetting part of it all. The amount of training. One hour of cardio. One hour of weights and another hour of boxing or capoeira. 3 hours of training a day with lots of muscle but also lots of fat. We all believe training means abs.

1 We cannot out train too many calories.
2 We could be eating the wrong foods.
3 We could be over training.
4 We could be training with the wrong exercise system or philosophy.

What changes did I make?

1 I trained 3 x a week doing whole body workouts.

2 It was time to be accountable and track calories. Weigh myself and declare weight to a personal trainer and bodybuilding coach. Giving evidence to both the foods being consumed via WhatsApp photos and My Fitness Pal.

The solutions were simple. They were strucured. Was it a struggle?

Hell yeah! I had to give up my ideas and my way that I thought worked as a trainer. There was resistances with what I thought was right. In terms of diet, daily actions and also my diet.

How and why did I change? I MADE A DECISION. I wanted to be ripped. It was time for humility and to do what worked. Not just what I wanted to do.

Take away notes.

1 Don’t be shy not to have all the answers.
2 Open your mind to people’s guidance.
3 Give people the chance to help you.
4 Commit to change.