First of all I have to say that I love living and owning a gym in Westminster as it’s central, full of culture and history.


You can get away from the busy side and chill in parks when it’s sunny or go for relaxing walks in Victoria park. Also the clientele are polite and cultured people who live in the area among the residents and the people that work in the area tend to be high-flyers. So generally all clients tend to be confident and high energy people who do well in many aspects of life.

Everyone seems to know everyone here and have a direct and yet warm and confident approach to each other. I dont know if it’s just my luck or my gyms culture but that’s the way it feels. Even when going to local gyms like Gymbox there’s a really friendly atmosphere. I tend to like working out at different gyms to check out any new trends, people and ideas that I can add on to my studio or embrace.

What I would say about Westminster clients for my team and for myself is that they are highly intelligent, family oriented, warm and confident people with great business minds and a desire to get the best that they can out of life. Which is exactly why I love my job. Work is not work for me, it’s play, it’s enjoyment and it’s fulfilment.

I’d like to say a great big thanks to all of my Westminster personal training clientele who attend Adam White Personal Training Studios from me and my team.