It hasn’t been deliberate but it has been interesting. I did get down to 7% body fat percentage on a paleo diet which was a kilo of meat and as much greens and vegetables as you wanted but that wasn’t totally right for me because my gut one morning was in agony and I had to go to hospital with my girlfriend at the time only to find out that I couldn’t sleep all night because I had gas.

After speaking to my ex girlfriend who was a nutritionist, she suggested that I eat rice and yoghurt to help with my gut. I started to focus on building muscle so my diet then consisted of lots of meat and fish for protein and then carbs and also vegetables. With the carbs added to my diet I started bulking. I also started adding fat to my body. I felt less energetic and was avoiding any cardio. In fact it seems that there is a clue there that the nutrition we eat may even affect the exercise and activities you do.

Then I decided enough is enough add that it’s time to get fit. I went to an Anthony Robbins seminar and decided energy and being lean and enjoying exercise that makes me feel good is my new priority. My diet completely changed to great fats that really upped my energy. Avocados. Almonds. Flaxseed. Nuts. Seeds. Coconut oil. I started eating fruits like bananas. Mixed berries. Apples. Kiwis. I continued eating meat and fish I just found myself eating less meat and fish due to having more fruits and vegetables.

I used my fitness pal and discovered that I was getting a lot of protein from the nuts, seeds, green drinks with wheatgrass and these new foods I introduced. The result… Im leaner, more active, ripped, feel fantastic and Look younger and feel a lot more intuitive. After all, variety is the spice of life. Find out what works for you as it will well be worth it.