i really like the concept of dumbbells and they benefits that they bring

so one benefit, is the engagement of each arm work, and another benefit is the important factor of engaging and developing the grip, grip strength is a fantastic indicator and way forward to longevity

another idea is that using dumbbells gives each limb independent work to work on which in turn activates and recruits more muscle fibres

a barbell will help to create symmetry the dumbbell will not, so from that angle in compound movements there will be a different element in the way in which the core is recruited by either method

so try alternatives to barbell exercise

heres a whole body programme using dumbbells

dumbbell squats
dumbbell deadlifts
dumbbell lunges

dumbbell stiff legged deadlifts

arnold press
lateral raises
incline press
flat bench press

prone row
bent over row
one arm row
reverse flyes

concentration curls
dumbbell skullcrushers
hammer curls
alternating curls

lateral lunges with dumbbells
calf raises with dumbbells

some great exercises that you would benefit from and notice the difference in benefits and in intensities that you experience relying some workouts on dumbbells