Movement releases stress. Literally getting off of your chair after sitting there for hours will help you feel better. The body is designed to move which is why we have muscles and when we get outside and move the body blood starts to flow giving more oxygen into our cells, brain and muscles increasing and building our energy levels and hormonal output. Stretching is fantastic for lengthening the body and releasing tension. Good stretching always includes deep breathing as it’s usually outside of the parameters of what we call comfortable and deep breathing allows us to relax and get that feel good rush of positivity.

Cardio or bouncing motions such as rebounding gets you sweating and the lymph nodes removing toxins and junk from our body from the pollutants, chemicals and foods we consume.

Moving the body in and around areas of tightness is gets rid of stored tension. Stored tension can come from stress. from negative and painful emotions and experiences. We physically tense body part which gets stored as a memory of something painful in our physical body and this is how the mental and physical work hand in hand. A really good thing to do is to learn to notice where you hold tension in the body and then stretch and move that body part.  Specific movements may help to release that negative energy and you may even find yourself smiling and feeling happier.

We can’t talk about movement and stressed stored within the body without mention massage. Massage feels great because someone can touch and seriously shift any knots in the muscles or tension, which is why you could be in a terrible mood before a massage and after the massage you will feel calm and relaxed and see things from a new perspective.

The mind and body are connected. If you feel stressed, yes you may be overworked but your body, posture, muscle quality could be also compounding that feeling and so it’s vital that we learn to embrace movement and massage to gain some control back.