I’ve been thinking for a while what my studio represents to me and my team. We have athletes from Great Britain from sprinters and runners to competitive martial artist, boxers and UFC fighters over to spine and posture specialists and remedial therapists.


The thing is each one of us has a unique gift and skill set so whilst we are all individuals we also have a community. We all believe in athleticism whether it’s a fitness model or a fighter or trainer, we all believe in health from nutrition and different forms of exercise using different styles as well as psychology to help fit the clients and his or her needs.

We are all believers in functional training and activation of the body which means no matter what your goal is we can get you to do it well and get that result with the addition of having a well balanced and strong structure of a body.

Education is key so we have the science the education and the years of experience in the field and all of us have competed at some level in various arts. We have catered for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and Mums and tired Dads and CEOs and MD’s. Our gym is private and so is our attention and so we are able to dedicate and with determination give a very personal experience. No matter what your goals are we are able to tailor them for you and to help you get what it is you desire and also to get beyond results, things that you didn’t know would impact you with the impact that makes you feel way better and way more empowered when you walk outside and go back into your day to day lifestyle. If you want to work with a world class personal trainer in Westminster – then book as session today!