Physiologically how you hold yourself is absolutely essential in how you will be perceived as well as how confident you feel.

By standing tall you’re instantly perceived as a confident person whilst swaying, rocking, and standing on one foot can all reveal inner anxiety. By utilising breathing techniques and targeted exercises you can quickly train yourself to stand tall and with an authoritative presence. This will allow you to fully direct your energy at those you engage with plus it can also influence positive hormonal releases in the body.

When it comes to good posture, your back muscles are of absolute importance. Without a strong lower, middle and upper back, your shoulders will naturally slump and your head ends up facing or looking down at the floor, which is not a good look when you’re trying to win business or addressing a room full of people.

To strengthen and develop a confident posture, it’s vital that you work on exercises that help to lengthen and strengthen the spine. Inchworms paired with deadlifts, seated rows and prone rows, back extensions and planks are all great exercises but should be done with strict form.

Regularly stretching the chest and learning to deepen your breath are also great ways to improve your posture as hunching and tightness restricts your ability to breathe deeply and diaphragmatically.

People who are anxious, have panic attacks or are often stressed out breathe erratically and/or shallow. By learning to breath deeply, slowly and confidently, not only can you reduce these symptoms it will also strengthen your breath and improve your overall posture.

Deep confident breathing is always slow and deliberate. Here are a few methods to improve your breathing strength and your posture:

Try breathing in for 4 seconds holding it for 4 seconds and exhaling for 4 seconds.

Lay on your back and put your hand on your stomach, when you breathe in allow your stomach to rise pushing your hand upwards this helps you to become more mindful of every breath.

Breaking old body-language habits takes time, practice and dedication but it might be just the thing holding your back from that promotion, that contract or that new relationship so get in the gym and start striking your most powerful and expansive pose today!

Healthy Regards,

Adam White

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