ok so I’ve written articles about training everyday as i believe we are designed to move and stretch and get off of our couches, but for a period of time i was training everyday and got to a point where i was absolutely exhausted, so I’m changing my rules and beliefs to training myself, but have kept the template for my clients, dont forget I’m a trainer and love learning so its my job to do as much training and discovery as i can for you guys..


yesterday i felt like collapsing and absolutely had to take a nap, which ended up me sleeping for 4 hours and not doing any training, so heres my new theory, rehab, light stretching, go for walks and getting up is great to do on a daily basis unless your seriously ill, but training intensely everyday is not needed and slightly obsessive. so training 3-5 x a week as if your immune system is strong thats the most intense training you can handle on a yearly basis, of course if your an athlete training for an event, sometimes training 2 x a day 6 times a week is required, but thats another story for the athletes and also due because they have to have their muscles and skill sets primed.


the thing I’ve noticed with rest, is you can feel both mentally and physically revitalised, you can feel superstrong, less stressed, as exercise engages cortisol the stress hormone in our body, so too much of it can be exhausting and counterproductive, and when you do train 4 x a week which personally i believe is the ideal for health, shape and vigour, you feel powerful. you look powerful and you are powerful and when you train you train, hard, intensely, almost savagely, and when you finish you rest feeling absolutely buzzing, i helped a female fitness model recently shed lots of body fat by this simple tip, in fact i got her to stop training for a week because she was so wired, that when she slowed down and recovered she lost body fat and ate less. so do less to achieve more, and if you dont know how to get the kind of intensity in training that I’m talking about then book in for your session with me, as i will show you the intensity you need to get the shape you want.

see you soon