This article is for women who wear high heels and may be experiencing foot pain or tight muscles. Pain in the pelvis, the lower back, tight hunched and kyphotic shoulders that roll in will cause havoc on your posture and possibly how empowered you feel.

Yes, high heels look beautiful on women and if you want to wear them, wear them but consider the consequences.  If you do want to wear them look after yourself as they may cause problems for the overall balance and alignment of your body.  Tight calves and cramping in the calves can be quite common for women who excessively wear high heels. Drinking coconut water and lots of water throughout the day and also eating lots of greens will help to flush out toxins from excessive build up of lactic acid and knots in the feet and calves. I would also suggest getting a massage and asking for the masseuse to work on those tight areas in the lower leg. Inchworms, downward dog postures will do you wonders and you will get a great release of tension from you calves and maybe even throughout your whole body as everything is linked.

Whilst wearing heels, the hips will also be shortened in particular the hip flexor, so look up hip flexor stretches on Youtube and practice them particularly if you spend long office hours sitting in a chair as well, thats a double whammy blow to your posture!

Areas of the body to work on in the gym would be the lower back and also the upper back so deadlifts and hyperextensions are ideal, however, for the upper back you will need to do exercise like seated, bent over and prone rows. You really have to lift the chest up and pull the shoulders back to do these exercises effectively so get a good trainer to show you how to do it properly at first.

If you’re suffering from aches and pains or think your posture could be out of alignment due to excessive wearing of high heels then feel free to contact myself or a member of the team to guide you back into balance.