Excessive intake of sugars has detrimental effects on your health. Some foods with sugar, however, pose a greater risk to health than others. Sugary drinks (also known as soft drinks or sugar-sweetened beverages) are one of the worst, and this applies to highly sweetened coffees, sucrose, high fructose corn sugar, fruit juice concentrates, and other foods with liquid sugar like energy drinks, sweetened powdered drinks, lemonade, tonic, cola, pop, and soda.

The world is experiencing a drastically developing industry as the number of people consuming sugar rises due to beverage marketing and urbanization. These beverages are among the largest sources of added sugar and calories in the U.S. They are the least healthy beverage since it provides only calories and no other essential nutrients.

Consumers always feel unsatisfied as compared to consuming the same number of calories from solid food. Additionally, this does not prevent them from consuming more food. For this reason, research shows that consumers can gain up to five pounds each year. Besides weight gain, consumers can be exposed to health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic illnesses.

avoid sugary drinks when dieting

A High Quantity of Sugar is Turned into Fat in the Liver

Table sugar has two components—fructose which is metabolized by the liver, and glucose, which is metabolized by every body cell. Consuming sugary drinks increases fructose levels in the body, and when this happens, the liver turns fructose into fat. This can lead to NAFLD – nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

May Cause Insulin Resistance

Insulin is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. Excessive intake of sugar will make your cells resistant or less sensitive to insulin. Insulin resistance is one of the primary factors that lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

It Puts on Weight

The reason for dieting is always to help you control your weight. Sugary drinks, however, are responsible for making you gain more weight. This is because it adds calories to the body and doesn’t make you feel full. Consuming sugary liquid on top of your usual calorie intake will increase your weight. It also increases belly body fat accumulation.

avoid sugary drinks

Affects Dental Health

This is one of the primary reasons why you should avoid sugary drinks. Dental health is critical. The sugar and acids in soda adversely affect your dental health. It makes your teeth vulnerable to decay.

How to Switch to Healthy Drinks

Cut back slowly

If you are used to taking sugary foods like sweetened teas and sodas, you need to start cutting the amount you consume now. You can adopt a new habit by gradually cutting the sugar intake.

Drink water

It would be best if you tried replacing sugary drinks with water. You can add slices of your favorite fruits in water to boost the flavor.

Drink smoothies

If you are in the mood of consuming something sweet, drink homemade smoothies. Blend veggies and fruits with low-fat yogurt and water or milk, this will help you avoid sugary drinks.