i think the upper back goes really well with the chest and there are two principles that go really well together that i have been playing with one principle is on the idea of performance and to sum that up when your performance drops on any drill you move on to another exercise or muscle group. the other principle is to use an aspect of german volume training which is to repeat the exercises for many sets and too keep the repetitions and the weight the same for many sets.

for the chest the upper back is a perfect opposite and you are working with all of the muscles of the thoracic spine or upper part of the spine by working all of the muscles of the chest and upper back.

the other thing thats great about this workout is if you have an hour you can do lots of exercise and develop a great chest and upper back and include some core drills to keep your shaped in the torso area too

and to do so much work there is not much rest time so plenty of work in that hour, which is what you want, hard work

so here is the trick do it as supersets and trisets not only to achieve a lot in little time but also to allow it to be a more conducive workout for a pump

so start with

barbell bench press x 4 sets x 12 reps
supersetted with barbell bent over row x 4 sets x 12 reps

one arm row x 4 sets x 1-5reps i believe the back needs to be strong
pec deck x 4 sets x 12 reps

seated rows x 12 reps
dumbbell deadlifts x 4 sets x 1-4 reps
kettlebell swings x 10-15

incline dumbbell press x 12 reps
push ups thoracic retractions and expansions
straight arm pulldowns