Most people’s breakfast sucks. Cereals happens to be one of the most popular and most processed foods out there. What people don’t know is that many are loaded with carbs, devoid of protein and packed with sugar, all which promote inflammation of the gut. Wheat is one of the major crops grown, processed and consumed by humankind and is associated with both intolerances (notably coeliac disease) and allergies and is the staple of most cereals.

Many of the popular brands also add additional fiber in the form of chicory root, or inulin, which is much harder for your body digest. These substances then pass into your colon, where bacteria feeds on them, producing gas bubbles that make your stomach swell up and stops you from doing up that last button.

If you want to ward of the consequences a bad breakfast including digestive un-ease, gas, bloating, stomach ache, nausea and fatigue here is what I suggest you start doing…

“Every morning start the day with a breakfast that is high in good fats and protein.”

Good fats are an excellent source of energy because they last longer and are much easier for the body to break down. For every 1g fat you consume, your body creates 9 calories of energy, where as 1g of carbs only produces 4.

Here’s my personal favourite breakfast of champions, which will help you to hold off cravings, delivery more energy, reduce bloating, build muscle and get you closer to a leaner, healthier you.

MUSCLE BUILDING: Salmon Steak or Mackerel 240g, 3 whole eggs 

LEAN: Salmon Steak or Mackerel, 1 Whole Egg 

REPAIR / DAY OFF: Salmon Steak or Mackerel 200g, Avacado with lemon

 *Add Cucumber with a drizzle of lemon to any of these for additional benefits. Their high water and dietary fibre are great for ridding toxins from the digestive system, aiding digestion.

Fish is a great source of  good fats and protein. Eggs will help to detoxify the liver. Avacado is great for your skin and hair. Combine these together and this breakfast will delivery more energy, balanced hormones and have you looking great in no time.

Happy Eating,

Adam White

Adam White Salmon, Eggs & Avocado Breakfast