We are all getting older and generally all sedentary.

What keeps us young, apparently fun things like learning to dance and playful stuff that requires moving around.

Balance however is also key and its also on the science list as a factor of fitness.

It requires co ordination, motor skills and quite basically a lot of brain and or cognitive function.

It’s important in dance, in martial arts, in sports and in everyday living.

I had a 92 year old client who fell off of a ladder, I always remembered the story, it always stuck in my head that his issues were to do with hip mobility and strength, shoulder mobility and strength and my article issue, balance.

Balance is a lot to do with the foot as we are on our feet most of the time, but for you gymnasts or handstand enthusiasts there is also hand balancing.

Usually hand or feet balance involves putting all your weight on your hands, feet, or hand or foot depending on the drill, balance can also create symmetry in the body and if you haven’t developed balance will increase strength and athleticism.

I have a trainer who actually jumps onto a swiss ball and lands on it, don’t try it at home or in the gym because its dangerous, the point I’m making is you can take it to high levels and its fun.