In this post, I will share with you all the essential tips women exercising in their 50’s need to know, in order to be one step ahead and unleash their full potential through their fitness journey.

First of all, fat starts to get stored and toxins are accumulated and yet we all want to remain beautiful while not getting injured!
Joints and ligaments are more tender, so yes, women in their 50’s want to get stronger and yet shapely but without any pain or damage.


Blood flow is a really great way to improve the skin, circulation, and freshness.


When doing resistance training, especially as we get over 40 years of age, the best way to keep joints ligaments, and bones healthy is to warm up all of the muscles and nervous system. So, even though most personal trainers think it’s a waste of time to do cardio with their clients, I believe it’s important to get your client to do with you, to help them keep up the pace and motivate them.


But even if they choose not to, motivate them to do cardio without you regardless. It is our duty as personal trainers to get the desired result and to see happy and healthy individuals, with a new lease on life.


I had quite a few clients with chronic fatigue. So, meditation techniques worked wonders instead of cardio, if they suffer chronic fatigue. So the priority here is what is essential for every single person because everyone is unique and so is their fitness journey.


The point is to create our own way of doing what we want to do, so it will naturally become a lifestyle.


Women in their 50’s may have accumulated injuries in the hips or shoulders, so after cardio, doing upper body and lower body, core to strengthen and lengthen the upper body and the core itself is essential.
Therefore, push-up positions are very important. Through them, we move the shoulders through different ranges, and floor work where the client lies on the floor and engages the legs and lower back to engage the core.

Another equally important area to work on are the hips, to both mobilise for health and posture and also to strengthen the muscles around the hip for functionality and also vanity or shape.


Ironically enough, vanity is very important to health. What I mean is, if too much fat is stored around any body parts it’s usually an indication of swelling or inflammation of the body which again results in not being of optimal health.


So, squats and box squats, and hex bar deadlifts are absolutely essential exercises.
Women tend to love hand exercises, so two of my favourite exercises to help them strengthen are the pull-ups and also tricep extensions.


I will usually add intervals in their workouts to stimulate blood flow and sweat to get the lymphatic system and sweating to occur as this will aid to release serotonin for a good mood, as well as helping to eliminate toxins.


Lastly, stretching is yet another really underrated process in the fitness world. Stretching helps with movement, improves health,  and it also helps with lactic acid thus reducing swelling. Lengthening the muscle and its ability to move well, and also helping with lactic acid thus helping with muscle soreness.


When you know how to exercise the right way, the benefits you gain by adding fitness to your life can help you in numerous ways.


It has been always my privilege, leading people to an active lifestyle with my experience and dedication for a healthier tomorrow. If you need my help with your own journey, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d be happy to help.


Happy Training,