I coach trainers on building their businesses and on becoming better trainers by understanding people’s bodies and minds. My uncle would describe this as striving to understand human nature. These are my passions – to lead, to promote, to understand, to experience and to educate people on health, fitness and lifestyle.

A lot of trainers are focused in the business of doing more sessions and filling their time up, and I have been very guilty of this, very guilty. So guilty, in fact, that I, in my career as a personal trainer, have done numerous 60 session weeks and have maintained 40 session weeks for years. If you choose to do this, I only recommend it for a year or a maximum of two years of your career. This is because it wastes your energy and your potential. In those hours you could work harder in your program to get fitter and become more inspirational, more educated, more confident, more strategic, more business minded. You could build a bigger audience on social media, via email, via corporates, via YouTube, or in person at groups or seminars.

You could also use this extra time to work on your website, raise your rates, blog, build an audience to sell your books and materials, and live an inspirational lifestyle. Believe me when I say that this leads to a lasting road. I know this from my own experience. I could say a lot more but I’m a personal kind of guy and the best you’ll get from me is in person. So if you want to do a consultation book in a Skype session or come and see me at the gym for a one to one session so I can help you either in your business or on personal training – building a long term business plan that makes you more profitable than you could have ever imagined.