Growing up I loved running.

In fact I ran my way into abs as it was crucial for my martial arts fitness, and it gave me ripped abs at the young age of twelve.

When I reached thirty unless I was with a friend or playing football, I stopped running and moved towards Olympic Lifting and bodybuilding and then found awesome shape a couple of years after that period training at Ultimate Performance in Mayfair, Poliquin style training and I regained my abs. The only problem was that I started to get gut issues at 7 percent body fat using a paleo style diet.

Recently I started to feel bulky NOT FAT just bulky and so have started getting back into sprinting and running, not for long, for 20 minutes or so at a time and I feel fantastic. You really don’t have to run miles to get the amazing feel good benefits of running in fact short sprints are incredible for health.

For me, there’s something spiritual and so calming about running. I kind of miss the old days of running in the sunlight, running on the beaches, getting lost running around the neighbourhood and reminiscing on my childhood.

Do you run? Do you remember the days you used to run at school or just for fun? Running is great for health and part of our biology so why not get outside why the sun is out and hit the road!