I’ve never met a big guy who doesn’t squat. When I say big I mean massively big, well developed and this all comes from doing BIG movements. If I were to pick one movement from weight lifting it would be one variation of the squat as it produces and stimulates testosterone and growth hormone in the body, it fires up fast twitch fibres, it’s used by the military and by fighters and all fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It’s great for the core and trunk too!

Squats are a great whole body workout and women love them because women predominantly like to work the lower body and core, especially with a shapely booty being in fashion, the squat really is the king and queen of all bodybuilding and shaping exercises.

It’s important to learn how to do squats correctly to avoid injuries. It’s important to keep your back firm at all times, no bending, stick your bottom out way further back then you imagine and keep that chest upright.

A heavy squat is going to tone and develop the legs, the butt, the core, the back and some of the chest and arms and build the overall size and strength of the entire body, it’s a must have over anyone looking for long-term health.