There are 5 issues that may be causing lower back pain and funnily enough they may be due to the way you use your feet and move when using them.


Here are some issues I’ve seen with clients.

1 while squatting they squat with their feet no being symmetrically position on the floor relative to each other


2 they can’t move in squats or foot balance exercises or cardio exercises, skipping, bounding, bouncing and at most jumping from their heels but usually do so from their toes.


3 when they walk they are unaware that they are moving their feet in different ways in terms of their foot placement relative to their walking

4 they have terrible foot balance

5 they think stretching the hurt areas will alleviate the pain rather than strengthening those smalls whilst increasing the range of motion of those muscles


So what I do is I get them to balance on one leg with their eyes closed so that the brain and body learn the optimal and proper way they are meant to function


I get them to do moving balancing single leg drills


I get them to learn to bounce on their heels rather than their toes or to hop from their heels


I get them to address their walking style and correct their squatting style


Amazingly as a result I’ve seen and noticed that simply by focusing on their feet proprioception and strength and mobility that even hunched shoulders get fixed as well as lower back pain being alleviated.


The benefit of training with a spine focused pt is that he or she can really observe your movements and has a subtle eye for corrections that may seem miniscule which cause massive positive changes to your life and the quality of it, invest in training with me and I promise you a better life- I’ve literally seen thousands of people and clients have transformations in their lives due to helping their posture, spine, bone density, skeletal system and biomechanics which means optimal movement of your body.


That’s why none of my programmes or workouts are ever exactly the same for any one or even for any individual as day by day your alignment, wellbeing, mood, strength, nutrition, flexibility and sleep and stress patterns change so why would I not change your workout day by day.