The diet you follow and the foods you eat will predict how fit you are for the activities, exercise or lifestyles you adopt. I’ve weighed in from 60kg up to 85kg and been muscular, bulkier, slimmer and more athletic whilst pursuing different diets and different activities. It’s taken me years to work out how to keep fit nutritionally when doing more endurance tasks and more muscle building tasks and here is what I’ve found…

The problem:

You want to slim but at the same time you like doing endurance sports like martial arts, dance, boxing, running, cycling and running. You’re fit in cardiovascular terms but you certainly are not in shape.

The solution:

Eat high protein for recovery and keeping full, eat high amounts of greens to detox and cleanse the body whilst also helping to digest the meats. Consume high fats for massive constant energy but carbs you absolutely minimise and only have them if you absolutely have to! Carbs must be earned through hard work, so they are only eaten during the workout or up to an hour after the workout. Otherwise don’t eat carbs; this will help you be fit, slim, strong and muscular (or toned depending on whether you are male or female). For both men and women fats are good for hormones, in turn optimising performance.

Now let’s say you are muscle building – make sure you do eat the carbs immediately after the workout and one hour after the workout.

So what does the diet look like for endurance and slimming?

Breakfast: Chicken/salmon with eggs and lettuce or tomato

Pre-workout: Black coffee

Post workout: Whey protein with almond butter or coconut butter

Late afternoon/evening meal: Beef with jalapenos, herbs, spices and cucumber. If still hungry then add an avocado.

Eat another meal like this if still hungry!

Snack: Cottage cheese with some peppers. Cottage cheese releases tryptophan – it’s a healthy dairy and high in protein so will help you sleep well.

If you’re muscle building, simply add coconut water during the workout as well as a banana after the post workout protein drink. For your main meal, about an hour later, add sweet potatoes to the beef. Sweet potato is undoubtedly the best carb on the planet! It’s slow releasing and anti-inflammatory. There is literally no better carb than sweet potatoes.

Follow this food plan and watch your shape change dramatically.