I believe we all have a gift and a higher vision in life and that it is our duty to find it and to live that.

I also believe that if we work, we better do something we absolutely love so that we can live fulfilled so that your energy rises and you grow whether it’s business, health, family and friends.

The thing I have noticed is that the body stores our intelligence and a lot more of it than our brain does and so to live in connection with ourselves and others, training the body is very important as it creates motion in our emotions.

Training  and movement is extremely important to heal us and our tensions or anxieties stored in the body and by releasing them we’re allowed to see and feel our reality as opposed to being blocked.

There are certain stretches, body movements and strengthening exercises that allow us to thrive and release unwanted tensions for example twists for the spine, chest opening trigger points, back and posture enhancing exercises for confidence. Training is a healing experience which gives us way more benefits than simply getting into shape for aesthetic purposes.