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The Importance of Stretching

The importance of stretching. A lot of people say that they stretch or that they go to yoga. I’m sure that doing those stretches are useful and beneficial, however, are all of those stretches are addressed to every individual?

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Activating The Core Through Dynamic Posturology

Video Summary: Activating the core is vital for Dynamic Posturology. Hanging legs raises are excellent for core development and lengthening the spine. Kicking motions are great for twisting the obliques and strengthening the core. Core development is all about mobilising the spine in multiple planes of movement.

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Restricted Breathing From Tight Chest Muscles

Video Summary: Tight chest and pecs are often caused through overworking the muscles, slumping forward at a desk or bad exercise technique and balance. Tight chests muscles squeeze and close the diaphragm. Dynamic posturology can help to re-open up the diaphragm through stretching and lengthening the chest muscles. People who breathe deeply are relaxed and in

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Squats For Dynamic Posturology

Video Summary Squats increase glute activation. Helps stretch and align the hips. Full body activation. Exposes postural imbalances for the trainer. Fully loaded spine and skeletal system. Front squats in particular help to brace the core.

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Sprinting For Dynamic Posturology

Video Summary: Dynamic posturology is all about power and movement. Correcting posture increases diaphragmatic breathing and energy production by extending the chest and abdomen. The twisting of the obliques during sprinting mobilises and strengthens the spine helping to align the skeletal system. Heel to toe actions through sprinting increases hamstring and glute activation. Sprinting strengthens

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Why Power Poses And Your Posture Matters

Physiologically how you hold yourself is absolutely essential in how you will be perceived as well as how confident you feel. By standing tall you’re instantly perceived as a confident person whilst swaying, rocking, and standing on one foot can all reveal inner anxiety. By utilising breathing techniques and targeted exercises you can quickly train

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